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 Get everything you need for fitness & nutrition with online personal training. I can show you your progress live in real-time, track your workouts, and show you your personal best. Not only can I show you, but you can access the information yourself. I want to teach my clients to be independent in their workouts and their healthy eating, so they are able to keep long-term results through vacations, busy work lives, lazy Sundays, and all obstacles life throws.                                                                 You know that diet and exercise are important when it comes to creating your best body, but you may be overlooking other techniques for getting into the best shape. Even while stuck at home! Call or email today to get started from home. Book Your Session Now                                                         Premier personal fitness training and nutrition coaching with a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle after 40                     There are four pillars to your success in our program. These pillars are the factors that will determine your level of success in our program. If you can consistently meet all of your goals for each pillar, you will be wildly successful and reach all of your fitness goals. Our four pillars approach to results includes:  Proper Training Programs  Proper Nutrition Programs  Proper Supplementation  Proper Recovery In your training program, you will be given the resources and training needed to get the best results possible. Our training programs are second to none. Along with your training program, you will receive world-class coaching, genuine motivation, and accountability from our entire team. We are here to help you succeed.                                                   THIS IS for you. EVEN IF YOU'VE NEVER WORKED OUT BEFORE THIS 90 DAY WORKOUT PROGRAM IS FOR YOU :)WHETHER YOUR GOAL IS TO BUILD STRENGTH, INCREASE FLEXIBILITY, OR LOSE A FEW UNWANTED POUNDS, IT ALL BEGINS WITH THE DECISION TO CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE, AND IT SHOULD BEGIN TODAY! THE LONGER YOU WAIT, THE FURTHER YOU’RE GETTING FROM YOUR GOAL. THOSE CALORIES AREN'T BURNING THEMSELVES. MAKE THE COMMITMENT TO BE HEALTHY TODAY. WE WILL BE YOUR PARTNER EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION. CHEEKO                        
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  • Reviews Yuli R.Personal TrainingDec 31, 2019Verified
  • Lynda B.William is great at motivating me to do the assigned exercises in and out of class. He devised lessons for me based on my needs.Jan 11, 2015
  • Sheila G.Enjoyed the total work out and you really can feel and see the results.Nov 13, 2013
  • Diane D.Private Fitness Coaching (for my group)Very knowledgeable on exercise and nutrition!Feb 18, 2017Verified
  • Hope f.Personal Trainingvery helpful respectful and exllencentNov 1, 2015Verified
  • Jennifer N.Health and Wellness CoachingSep 25, 2019Verified
  • Brenda L.Just started working out with BBC and it has been an amazing change with my body in such a short time. He’s patient and funny with his exercise routines. Can’t wait to see my body in 90 days! Excited!Oct 8, 2015
  • Sauntray M.I am enjoying the work outs, the one on one keeps you in tuned to what your body needs. The exercise is geared to you and he he encourage you to keep up the good work.Sep 29, 2015William T.’s replySauntray is a joy to work with. She understands why we train and modify each workout to get the most calories burned in the most efficient way possible. Thanks Cheeko
  • Tammy H.When I set out to find options for exercise and a life adjustment I originally went to fitness centers. I came across BodyByCheeko online. I set up and appointment and immediately decided this would be my trainer. He listened to what I was looking to accomplish and also told me what I would need to do to accomplish that. He also did a 30 minute workout with me at the first visit. He has been my trainer since May 2013. 2 THUMBS UP…Read MoreJan 28, 2014
  • Donna P.Personal TrainingHe was very nice and took a lot of time to tell me about what my course of action would be. DonnaOct 15, 2014Verified